Caliwoods - Bamboo Spork


1 x Bamboo Spork
1 x CaliWoods Linen Carry Case

Why you will LOVE the new Bamboo Spork!

Convenient, lightweight, and durable cutlery for every occasion
The CaliWoods Spork has been designed to be a sustainable, alternative to single-use plastic utensils.
Combined into one product, this Spoon and Fork mix is your bag essential, designed to be eco-luxe for seaside picnic dates, as well as compact for your hiking pack or travel bag.
Also available in Stainless Steel.

Here's some information on the CaliWoods Spork:

Convenient Carry case to take your Spork with you on the go!
Very comfortable to eat from
The Reusable Spork is 17cm in length and the handy linen bag is 24cm in length - so you can pop a straw in there as well!
Packaging and Shipping materials are completely plastic-free - with the exception of the courier label which we are working on.
The CaliWoods Bamboo Spork needs only a hand-wash. Bamboo can go into the dishwasher but we don't recommend as this will reduce it's lifetime - we are all about eco tools lasting as long as possible and less consumption! Soap and warm water adequately cleans your Spork.