Caliwoods - Stainless Steel Spork


CaliWoods Stainless Spork
1 x Stainless Steel Spork

1 x CaliWoods Linen Carry Case

Why we LOVE the new Stainless Spork!

Convenient, compact, and durable accompaniment.
The CaliWoods Spork has been designed to be a sustainable, alternative to single-use plastic utensils.
Combined into one product, this Spoon and Fork mix is your bag essential, designed to be eco-luxe for seaside picnic dates, as well as compact for your hiking pack or travel bag.

Here's some information on the CaliWoods Spork:

All CaliWoods Sporks are made from type 304, food-grade stainless steel.
Convenient Carry case to take your Spork with you on the go!
Serrated edge designed of one side of the fork to double as a cutting tool but still very comfortable to eat from
The Reusable Spork is 17.5cm in length and the handy linen bag is 24cm in length - so you can pop a straw in there as well!
Packaging and Shipping materials are completely plastic-free - with the exception of the courier label which we are working on.
CaliWoods Sporks are dishwasher safe