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Medium Kokedama

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HOW TO WATER- To water your Kokedama, simply place it plant side up onto a bucket or sink of room temperature water. You must soak your kokedama to allow the water to get right into the center. Soak for 5-10 minutes or until saturated, DO NOT leave it sitting in water for longer than this, you will only encourage the string to rot raster and fungi/mold to grow. On the flip side, if it drank up all the water very quickly, you may need to add some more to the bucket. Unsure?- the fail safe way is to submerge the entire ball (you may need a big bucket of water) and hold it under until there are no bubbles escaping.If you keep in inside, you may want to place into a colander to drip dry for a minute before returning to it's home.
FREQUENCY- Soak around every 2 weeks. However, you must consider the kind of plant, where you have it and time of year.