Conscious - Toilet Cleanser

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Conscious is striving to be New Zealand's most ethical cleaning range. 

 All of our products are: 

100% Natural & handcrafted
Glass bottled
Completely home compostable or reuseable powder packaging
Palm oil and Cruelty free
Closed-loop return bulk packaging (Wholesale available)

Conscious Toilet Cleanser is handcrafted in Te Hana using only ethically sourced all natural ingredients and big blends of pure essential oils. The cleaning fizz from sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and the natural bleaching from sodium percarbonate is extremely effective and safe.

Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Percarbonate, Pure Essential Oils.

Instructions: Sprinkle half a lid around the bowl and in the water. Let fizz and scrubb. For stubborn stains and bleaching sprinkle 1 full lid around the bowl and water and leave for 30 minutes before scrubbing.  Septic, grey water and worm farm safe.