Dr Julie Bhosale - The Nourished Bump Book


Dr Julie is New Zealand’s leading family nutrition & wellbeing expert, researcher, author, speaker and mother of three boys. This is her latest edition to her best selling ‘nourished’ book series. Here to arm you with everything you need as you embark on one of the most important journeys.

The Nourished Bump not only covers key nutrition and wellbeing areas for a healthy pregnancy, but also opens important topics typically not discussed from fertility, miscarriages to mental wellbeing. In addition, you will read stories from many family units and Dr Julie’s very frank experiences from her five pregnancies (two miscarriages and three full term babies).

Plus you get over 30 wholefood recipes that show you just how to apply all the core nutrition principles in the book - this alone is worth getting the book for!

Raw, honest, backed by the latest research and packed full of practical tips and recipes this is your must-have guide to support you through a healthy, nourished pregnancy.