Dr Julie Bhosale - The Nourished Baby Book


The Nourished Baby is a parent’s ultimate step-by-step guide to introducing solid food – cutting through all the conflicting advice with hot-off-the-press, practical, and realistic information, removing all the worry so you can enjoy this milestone with your baby. Here is just what is included and check out the reviews of others who have read this top selling book. 

A Complete Guide

In The Nourished Baby Dr Julie explores all the big issues and the science before leading you through the ‘when’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of introducing solids. Food types – including how to deal with allergenic foods and special diets are also covered. With beautiful photographs, easy to read tables and diagrams, it really is your complete and indispensable guide to starting solids that works for modern lifestyles and budgets.

The Baby Food Industry Also included in The Nourished Baby is Dr Julie 's own research into the current state of the baby food industry while also providing tips on what to look for in packaged baby food.

Tricky Spots All the tricky spots, like teething, daycare, and sickness are covered with very practical suggestions as to how to navigate these.

Sleep & Movement There are two chapters dedicated to the other key cornerstones of a baby’s health: sleep and movement  and how feeding interlocks with these.

Recipes and Meal Plans To help with the practicalities of fitting starting solids into your baby’s day and just when to introduce foods across the first year the book also includes a daily routine guide and a full six month meal plan stepping you through what foods to introduce and when – with some starter recipe ideas as well. 

Dr Julie's complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook is also highly recommended. It includes 24 baby food recipes which match the week-by-week guide in The Nourished Baby. In addition, Dr Julie has also released a magnetic fridge version of the food introduction plan.