Drop Pillar Candle


Part beautiful object for your home, part candle.

Each Drop candle is carefully made by hand from our very own soy wax blend and moulded into the mesmerising creations you see before you. Inspired by the those tiny drops of morning dew that form right before sunrise, we hope you’ll love these as much as we do.

Once lit, no two Drop candles will melt in the same way. Each melts into its own unique organic form, dictated by room temperature and length of burn time which we think is just a little bit wonderful. Too beautiful to burn I hear you say? Oh but friends, that’s when the real magic happens.

The details:

  • Dimensions: 6cm W x 6cm D x 5.5cm H
  • Weight: a magical 140 grams
  • Burn time: approximately 3-5 hours. Due to the organic shape of these candles, there will be some unburnt wax left once the wick has finished.
  • All Drop candles are UNSCENTED.
  • Each candle comes boxed.
  • Burn on a dish or heat resistant surface.
  • Contains soy & beeswax