Ethique - Lip Balms


Ethique lip balms are so good, you'll never lose the tube.  

We throw almost 200 million plastic lip balm tubes in the bin every year and the vast majority are never recycled. And chances are, they’re not all in the bin – they’re in your jacket, bag, your other bag, lost in your luggage – and that’s just the ones you can remember.

So, we wanted to shake things up and make sure we made a lip balm that you’ll actually want to finish – and one that doesn’t cost the Earth (if you do lose it or forget about it).

Do good for your lips with our lip balms – packed with nourishing plant-based ingredients; cocoa butter, castor seed, moringa and jojoba oils to hydrate and leave your lips feeling smooth and supple for longer. This concoction of heavy-moisture-hitters lock in hydration for your lips – 94% of testers found an immediate improvement in the appearance of dry lips!