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Figgy & Co - Glass Cleaner Spray 500ml

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Our glass cleaner is nature working at its best! Made with strong white vinegar naturally distilled here in Aotearoa, your windows, glass and stainless steel will be streak-free without a synthetic ingredient in sight. Best of all you'll be able to breathe easy without inhaling those notorious glass cleaner fumes. Hooray! 

Although not essential, we recommend using Figgy Glass Cleaner with newspaper or a lint-free cloth.


Our glass cleaner comes in a Figgy glass spray bottle and can be refilled time and time again from our refill range or DIY range, saving you money, and the earth some plastic!


This trigger is special!

We have searched the world over for a trigger that is truly suitable for a glass bottle. This custom made trigger is secure, leak-proof and shake-proof when used with our glass bottle- essential for natural cleaning products. What's more, this trigger will provide a long and healthy working life, but like all good things eventually it will come to an end- when this happens pop the trigger into the kerbside recycling (it is recyclable as one unit - no need to dismantle by plastic type), and replace with another hard-working trigger. No part of this trigger needs to end up in our land fill! Whoop!