Getting Lost Game - Te Reo Edition Green


We are so excited to introduce the Te Reo Edition of The Getting Lost Game.

The Te Reo Edition has all the same 26 misdirection cards you are used to (things like turn left or right, head to the highest point you can see) but on the reverse of each card now Rosie and Kuru have translated our directions into te reo Māori.

It’s a brilliant way to bring te reo Māori into your everyday life as you learn the different direction cards.

To design the game we worked with the lovely Rosie and Kuruho from the KAUPAPA Game who translated our misdirections into te reo Māori. They then consulted with a certified translator to assure the quality of the translation. We really love the passion that Rosie and Kuruho have for bringing te reo Māori into ways we can have fun together as family and friends in Aotearoa.

Purposefully offline, The Getting Lost Game is designed to inspire adventures and get people out of what they know and explore that untravelled path.

Each kit contains 26 “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to discover new places where ever you are in the country.

Each pack comes with its very own mini compass too.

There are no rules to the game and the ways you can play it are endless and entirely adaptable to the person playing the game.

Here’s some ideas we’ve had though…

For quick play, pick a new direction card at each intersection
For a game that lasts a couple of hours pick a new card every 5 minutes
Want to keep it simple? Just keep in the direction cards (left, right, north, south etc) and take out the trickier ones
Looking for a weekend get away? Play the game until you get the “head for home” card and then find a hotel or campground in what ever town you are in when you get the card
Don’t want to stop for treats? Take the treat and drink card out before you start playing
Want to be totally unplugged? There is only one card that requires the internet (Google the word lake) so just take that one out
Send the kids off for a walk with the game to explore new places
Arrive in a new city and set off walking with the cards – take a new direction at each intersection
Want to surprise someone? Add in your own card in the middle (seriously – anyone looking for a proposal card please let us know – we’ll make you one!)
The Te Reo edition is available in a custom designed green suitcase. This suitcase is made from plant based PLA and is designed and printed here in New Zealand. It measures 100mm x 85mm x 24mm.

Each card measures 91mm x 55mm and all packs have 25 cards with misdirection cards on one side and inspiration cards on the other side. The font has been updated from the first version of The Getting Lost Game to make this easier to read (thanks everyone for your feedback on this!)

The mini compass is 20mm. Just like Superman wears his undies on the outside we recommend you put your compass on the outside of your case too for the best fit. Just look the cord around the handle – easy!

The game is ideally suited to outdoor play there are a few cards you won’t be able to use if you are on foot (like follow a white car – unless you are very quick!).

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times. The compass is a toy designed for playing the game only so please don’t rely on this for directions.