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Go Bamboo Wooden Pegs (20)

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Go Bamboo Clothes Pegs

Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo with a degradable steel spring. Packaged in a recycled cardboard box. 

Box contains 20 x pegs

Bamboo clothes pegs are an environmentally friendly and sustainable alterative to plastic pegs and are incredibly strong and durable in NZ's harsh UV conditions. Bamboo naturally contains very few tannins (unlike wooden pegs) so won't stain your light coloured clothes. 


  • Go Bamboo products are designed to be disposed of in and around your home.
  • To dispose of pegs please remove metal spring and recycle/scrap and put bamboo parts in the compost bin.
  • We aim to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans, on our beaches and in our landfill.
  • Bamboo clothes pegs are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic pegs and are incredibly strong and durable to NZ UV conditions.
  • Save energy, don't use the table dryer but peg your clothes on the line to dry with your Go Bamboo clothes pegs.