Wooden Height Charts


9ineteen95's hand made wooden height charts make the best family keepsake gifts.

These are designed for New Zealand families who no longer want to measure their children on the Kitchen door frames, & are looking for a more modernised feel, yet easy to move homes with.

Each chart is made from Wonderful New Zealand Pine wood Locally sourced.

Our standard Height Chart measurement start at 20cm off the ground and measure up to 195cm. Each pine chart is 14cm wide, which also can be customised in size upon purchase.

Sharpies are preferable choice for us, vivids or paint pens are just as great to mark your height straight onto the wood.

Please note that our height charts are made from wood so there can be blemishes and inperfections within the wood as it is a natural product.

Each chart comes with a saw tooth hook nailed into the back for easy hanging.