Wooden Height Charts


Wooden height charts are made from New Zealand Pine.

These are hand painted. Charts hang 20cm off the ground to allow for skirting board clearance and measure up to 195cm. All numbers are made from an adhesive vinyl that is applied directly to the wood for a clean finish. As these are made from a natural product, please bare in mind when purchasing that no two height charts will ever be the same and some pieces may have blemishes and or marks through the grain.

How to hang:
Each chart has a picture hook nailed into the back. please measure down from the hook and add 20cm to you measurement to get the exact measurement to put your chosen hook on to the wall. We recommend using hooks that nail into the wall rather than stick on as your children will be standing up against these to be measured and movement may occur.

What pen to use to mark your chart?
My recommendation would be to use a sharpie, vivid or paint pen. Please ensure to do a swatch test on the back of your height chart to avoid wood grain bleeding.