Mini Succulent Kokedama


Succulents and Cactus are the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners. Care is easy, and succulents can add structure and interests to any space. Best in full sun like a patio they can be inside where they receive a good amount of sun through a window. These plants are chosen at random, you comment a particular kind I will do my best to accommodate.

Mini Kokedama are in a moss ball about 10cm in diameter.


A Kokedama is a bit like a peat-pot; the water is absorbed through the moss into the root ball and likewise the roots can through and around the moss. Like a peat-pot you can plant your kokedama, moss and all, into a pot or the ground if it seems to need transplanting or has grown too big. This moss has 2 main features,to contain the soil and to hold moisture around the plant.


HOW TO WATER- To water your Kokedama, simply place it plant side up onto a bucket or sink of room temperature water. You must soak your kokedama to allow the water to get right into the center. Soak for 5-10 minutes or until saturated, DO NOT leave it sitting in water for longer than this, you will only encourage the string to rot raster and fungi/mold to grow. On the flip side, if it drank up all the water very quickly, you may need to add some more to the bucket. Unsure?- the fail safe way is to submerge the entire ball (you may need a big bucket of water) and hold it under until there are no bubbles escaping.If you keep in inside, you may want to place into a colander to drip dry for a minute before returning to it's home.
FREQUENCY- Soak around every 2 weeks. However, you must consider the kind of plant, where you have it and time of year.