Moisturising Bar

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Our moisturising bars come wrapped in 100% organic cotton, which you can use to help keep the bar protected as well as to help grip onto it in the warmer weather when the bar may be slightly slipperier due to only containing natural ingredients.

And once you're done with the bar, the organic cotton will break down naturally in your compost heap, without leaching any chemicals into the soil! Absolutely no plastic left behind.

Made with all natural oils, which will moisturise & nourish your skin, and no hidden nasties - so your skin stays smooth even days later!

Plus, being made with 100% pure essential oils, these smell delicious enough to eat!

The cacao butter in these bars is also excellent at reducing the appearance of scars & stretch marks, making this perfect to rub on your baby belly during pregnancy, to keep stretch marks from forming.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Unrefined NZ Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Natural Vitamin E 

Plus 100% Pure Essential Oils of either:

  • Mentha Arvensis (Peppermint) Oil
  • Citrus Sinensis (Orange) & Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove Bud) Oil
  • or Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil



Please note: Each bar is hand poured & hand cut. There may be differences in bar shape, however each bar is guaranteed to be at least 50gm.