Weleda - Baby Teething Drops



The average baby cuts their first tooth between six and nine months. The child may drool, put objects in their mouth, have very red cheeks and can be very distressed.

Traditionally used as an anthroposophic and homoeopathic preparation to support and calm the teething process in children and babies from 6 months old.

Oral Liquid. Lactose and shellfish free.

How to use

Dilute before administration. Babies over 6 months old and Children: Give 6 drops, in a small amount of water and deliver to the child’s mouth immediately. Use 3 to 4 times daily throughout the period of teething, or as directed by your health professional. Can be given as often as every 15 minutes for up to 6 doses a day if required.


Each 1mL contains: Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) root juice 20x in water and ethanol. Contains 20% alcohol.