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Meet the Creator of Mama + Me

Meet the Creator of Mama + Me

Our newest, welcoming Mama + Me ~ created by Jessica and her mum. It's a beautiful range of natural and botanical inspired products to help support new mamas. Let her tell us more...

How did you get started with Mama + Me?
We started growing our own medicinal herbal garden out on mums farm which inspired us to start developing natural botanical products. After being a part of many baby showers and then through the journey of having my own daughter I saw there was a need for more natural products that would help support woman through pregnancy, birth and postpartum that were safe and beautiful enough for gifting. It is always easy to find beautiful things for newborns but everyone we spoke to struggled finding anything boutique to purchase for mothers or themselves.  This is why we started our brand so that people would be able to treat mamas just as much as bubs because we all know they deserve it, right!? The name fell into place pretty easily after that - we are a mother and daughter team so Mama + me was a nod to that and it also seemed fitting for our market.
Where does the inspiration come from for your products?
We love nature! Anything floral, botanical & natural with healing properties is our kind of thing. 
What were you doing prior to Mama + Me?
We used to own a wedding styling business together (me and mum), we owned it for over 7 years and loved it. Being a part of someone's special day is an incredible experience. After I got pregnant with my first daughter we knew it was time for change though, after all- weddings have strict deadlines, tight time frames and long hours.... all things babies don't mix well with. 
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Giving birth to my beautiful daughter Rylah with my mum by my side. She is now 10 months old.... where does the time go? Next would have to be watching Mama + me grow, we feel so humbled by all the stores that want to stock our brand and the clients who want to buy for themselves or others. We still pinch ourselves that what we make is so well received. 
Final messages/quotes to share?
I love this quote "I'm obsessed with seeing woman encourage, support and empower other woman. It's my favourite. We need more of it."
Jessica X

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Nov 04, 2020

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