ABC..Drift Kids Book


Learning is fun, but it's even better when you get to do it SIDEWAYS! 

Take your future drift kids through this ABC..Drift Kids book full of stories and illustrations based solely around the motorsport we are all obsessed with...DRIFTING!! 

This book is an interactive, colorful and fun book that takes the reader through an epic journey of the alphabet, each letter with a fun story all about drifting.  Not just any book, but a stunning hardcover book with sparkly foil embellishments on the front, too good to hide away - you'll want to display this book front & centre!

Also comes with a rad free sticker! Your minis can stick their new found love of drifting on their lunch box, their books, your car...maybe not your car...but you catch our drift! 

We hope you love reading this book as much as we have loved creating it! 

*Please note, that while this is a "children's" book, there are words that may become quite difficult for the child to read and understand, this is where the interaction comes into play. This book was written as a book for the adult to read with the child to learn about some language and slang used in the drifting community. This is solely a fun and exciting way of learning and teaching our minis a little about the motorsport we love. 

**Disclaimer: The language and spelling used in this book is directly associated with the New Zealand and Australian language. Some words, for example "tyres" is spelt "tires" in American English - two words, spelt correctly in their own context, meaning the same thing.