Baby Mobile - Pīwakawaka Native Bird


Our Pīwakawaka hopping merrily amongst the leaves.

Skillfully crafted by hand using traditional felting techniques. Multiple shades of brown have been used on our Pīwakawaka to add depth and texture to the design. Our Pīwakawaka (also known as Fantail) has also been created to be enjoyed and admired from every angle.

A stunning work of art made using 100% New Zealand wool!

Made with olive and copper coloured leaves and complimented by a natural palette.

All balls and shapes are made with 100% New Zealand wool.

Includes over 1.5 metre string length for hanging
The mobile has a diameter of 25cm and is 45-50cm in height
Pīwakawaka wingspan approx 17cm, height approx 15cm
Felt balls are diameters of 1cm and 2cm and stars are 4-5cm across
Felt balls are secure but not knotted in place so you can customise the position if you wish
Keep baby safe! Our beautiful mobiles are not toys for play.
Please follow safety instructions included with your mobile.
Hand crafted - Eco friendly - Ethically made