Bath Buddies - Bath Bomb 4pk - Dino Egg Sprudels


Fizzy Magical Dino Egg Bath Bomb Sprudels¬ģ!
Kids Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs! Calling all dinosaur fans! The ultimate ancient Jungle experience in your bath! Make bath time extra fun with 4 gorgeous green and blue dotty fizzy fun kids Bath Bomb Sprudel¬ģ Dino Eggs! ¬†

Colour Bath Bomb Sprudels¬ģ that are shaped like real magical eggs! ¬†Pop a Dino Egg in the bath and watch it fizz around the bath as it changes the water a gorgeous green colour with swirls of blue! ¬†Then wait and watch for the hidden Dinosaur toy sponge to magically hatch out of their ancient eggs at the end. ¬†The perfect way to end every day! ¬†Soft, gentle, colourful and fun. ¬†An absolute MUST for all budding Palaeontologists and Dinosaur Enthusiasts!

Each Dino Egg holds either a Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops or Brontosaurus toy sponge!  You will be the first to unlock the magic and discover who or what is hiding inside, collect all 5 shapes!

Selection is random, may contain duplicate shapes. 

All our products are hand-made and contain only food-grade ingredients; making them non-toxic and safe for children to enjoy.  Plus they won't stain your bath - or your children!  Variations to shape and colour may occur.

 Soft, safe and gentle surprise bath bombs, made especially for kids!