BraveFace Junior - Good Mood Chews - Daily Chewable Tablets


Good Mood Chews natural supplements support a calm and positive mood in your growing child. Help them be their best, every day.

Good Mood Chews daily supplements are designed specifically for juniors ages 6 to 18, helping them stay calm, happy and positive – whatever life has in store for them.

Two Chews a day help bring calm and balance for your child through times of change, stress and overwhelm, and will even provide a boost when they're just feeling low.

The Chews are formulated with Saffron, Vitamin D and Zinc, which support a healthy stress response and positive mood. With a natural mango flavour, Good Mood Chews also taste delicious!

Be balanced, be bold, be unstoppable.

60 chewable tablets in a delicious mango flavour formulated with Saffron, Vitamin D and Zinc.

Research Based Doses
Sweetened without sugar
No artificial colours or flavours
No Synthetic Fillers, Essence or Homeopathics