BraveFace Junior - Stay Cool Spray - Herbal day spray


Stay Cool Spray herbal stress support spray can help your child meet tricky moments head-on. Stay cool and focused, no matter the situation.

Stay Cool Spray can help your child calmly work through those stressful situations they want to conquer, whether they’re six or 18.

Don't let nerves hold your child back from nailing that test, scoring the winning goal, or being brave on stage. Whatever the moment, Stay Cool Spray is a pocket-sized security blanket.

Stay Cool Spray is formulated with Passionflower, which helps overcome feelings of stress and nerves. Take just two sprays and experience rapid calm.

Stay cool and focused – and meet those big moments head-on.

Formulated with Passionflower, Stay Cool Spray is a herbal stress-support spray – and it has a natural grape flavour your child will love!

Therapeutic doses
Research Based Doses
No artificial colours or flavours
No Synthetic Fillers, Essence or Homeopathics