Dazz - All Purpose Cleaning Tablet


Fill an empty spray bottle with water, drop in the refill tablet, and get cleaning!

Pro tip: Dissolve the tablet in warm water and wait 5+ minutes for the tablet to completely dissolve before attaching the spray nozzle. This will minimise pressure buildup/leakage.


  • Food Grade Citric Acid.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Sodium Carbonate.
  • Sodium Laury Sulfate derived from coconuts.
  • Food grade fragrance.
  • Colorant.

...1 Clean conscience for fighting against plastic pollution!

What’s Included?

• Each Packet contains 1 tablet of Dazz's All-Purpose Cleaner

1 Packet = Fills 500ml Glass Bottle or 500ml plastic spray bottle. Please, reuse and recycle whenever possible.