Edni - Mindful Journal


Self care starts with Mind care. 

At ed&i body we believe beauty is holistic, recognizing that true beauty extends beyond the surface of the skin. Our approach begins with taking care of the mind, followed by promoting internal wellness, and then finally utilizing skincare products. We strongly believe that self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance are essential components of a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. As part of our commitment to promoting beauty in a sustainable way, we prioritize using natural ingredients that are enhanced with science. By doing so, we hope to benefit both individuals and the environment.

lets make 2023 about a healthy body AND mind!

Adopt Ed's daily morning routine of mind care by following her 4 mind care steps each morning. 

Write down what you are Grateful for, what you will attract in your life today, your to do list and most importantly, journaling how your day will go before it has even started. Journaling your day before it has started will set your path for the day on a positive energy with a clear purpose. Afterall, you are what you think. 

We encourage you to follow Edna in Instagram @edna.swart where she speaks about this practice and how it has changed her life since she started doing this 3 years ago. 

Book is hard cover.