Frankie Apothecary - Kawakawa Balm 60ml


Kawakawa Balm is a superstar in eczema relief. Our all natural intensive healing Kawakawa Balm may help to soothe and repair dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

Kawakawa Balm is perfect for regular use on skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, but is also great for burns, scrapes, dry skin, nappy balm, tattoo moisturiser, lip balm, as an intensive night time moisturiser!

Kawakawa Balm is wildcrafted from native New Zealand plants by embracing traditional Māori Rongoā techniques, and blended with pure oils for extra skin nourishment. Native NZ Kawakawa has been used for centuries for its amazing healing properties, especially for sensitive or irritated skin.

For eczema, this Kawakawa Balm may help by relieving the itch and creating a gentle barrier on the skin, locking in moisture and supporting active repair.Our Award Winning* Frankie Kawakawa Balm is the only totally natural eczema relief product that contains no water. We choose not to add any harmful chemicals or water, so you know your Kawakawa Balm is free from irritating preservatives, toxins and stabilisers used in water-based or synthetic formulations.



  • Relief from Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis  
  • Lip balm 
  • Eyebrow shaper & brow treatment
  • Hand Cream and Gardener's Hand Cream
  • Nappy Balm & Barrier Cream
  • Intensive nightime facial moisturiser
  • Cradle cap remedy
  • Soothing irritated nipples (natural and organic for baby and you)
  • Soothing cuts and bruises and facilitating faster healing by preventing dryness
  • Soothing bug bites, repelling insects and easing sunburn

All natural ingredients

Kawakawa Extract, Kawakawa Infused Oil, Beeswax,  Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Calendula Extract, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Soy lecithin.


Apply Kawakawa Balm 2-3 times a day to irritated skin and then daily as skin begins to heal.

* The Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Balm was a Top 10 Most Recommended Product in the 2016 OHbaby! Awards.