French Market Basket with Flat Handle - 4 Sizes


4 sizes Flat Leather handle with two rows of plain tooling Securely hand stitched with strong waxed thread. Sizes are approximate as these are hand crafted products.

Use baby baskets to store onions and potatoes in the pantry, collections of small toys, as gift basket for a bottle of wine and some cheese. The other sizes are multi purpose - supermarket and farmers market shopping, beach, weekend bag, magazines, washing basket etc. 

The Parisienne - Large Length: 58cm Width: 40cm Height: 35cm

The Marseillas - Medium Length: 49cm Width: 29cm Height: 27cm

The Lyonnais - Small Length: 48cm Width: 25cm Height: 26cm

The Orleanais - Baby Length: 38cm Width: 20cm Height: 20cm