Getting Lost - The Campground Edition

$15.60 $26.00

Unplan your next adventure - Grab this pack, take it away camping with you and pull it out every time you hear the dreaded “I’m bored”

This 30 card Campground Edition will have you building up your bike gang, playing spotlight, building forts, making wacky name changes, going on hunts around the campground for various things and a whole bunch of other fun things around the campground.

We've built this game around the things you told us that you'd love to see on a camping trip with your kids - showing gratitude, having fun, being active, having a few treats, caring for others, caring for the environment and making friends.  We have a mix of activities to ensure there are some for inside the tent, caravan, camper or cabin if it's too yuck to go outside.  And we've tried to make it suit as many campgrounds as we possibly can with activities that are easy to do with most free and a couple will cost a few dollars.