In A World Full Of Magic Book


A story designed to remind us how incredible this thing we call love really is.

This world is full of magic, but there is one thing that stands out as being far more magical
than the rest. Adventure through the five senses with your little one, to find out what this most
magical thing could be. This is an uplifting ride wrapped in love, that will leave you pondering
just how much wonder surrounds you every day.
Intricately drawn watercolour illustrations by Bec Brown from Clouds of Colour

Magic is all around us, yet too often we forget this. We forget to ‘see’ what is right under our
noses - including the extraordinary power of love for our children. What could be so huge, yet
invisible to the eye? What could be so strong and fierce, yet have no sound? What could have
the powers to follow you everywhere yet be untouchable, unbreakable, and never expire?!
Life is busy. Raising children is busy. But no matter how busy we are, the love we have for our
children remains as magical as ever. Sometimes we just need to slow down to really appreciate
and bathe in those feelings. Olive + Page provides a platform to do just that – to pause, share
and connect, and remind the little ones just how oh so ultra-loved they really are.

‘Magic is all around us - it’s everywhere you look.
From sunrise to the sunset, to the stories in your favourite book.’
This book is filled with wonder - think dinosaur gazing, metal machinery operating, lion’s
roaring, fairies dancing, and aeroplane adventuring. Think wizards, sloths, baking,
parachuting, autumn leaf splashing, and treat-filled picnics.
There is so much adventure on these pages.
So much magic.

In a World Full of Magic has been thoughtfully written and intricately illustrated by two
Mamas who live in the sunny Nelson / Tasman region of New Zealand, and are hugely
passionate about bringing joy to little ones.

Recommended for children 1-4 but loved by all ages.
~ Words by Livvy Buys