Kuwi Classic - Enamel Bowl


Classic kiwi enamelware bowl with the cutest Kuwi & Friends motif. Child friendly, with helpful handles perfect for little hands. Holds 380ml of liquid, so perfect for cold or warm drinks, or healthy soups! Food safety tested, not made with plastics, eco-friendly, child safe & tough as!

MATERIAL: Enamel fused onto heavy-gauge steel
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 174 mm x 148 mm x 60 mm
BOWL DIMENSIONS: 165 mm x 140 mm x 52 mm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface. Dishwasher safe, but hand-washing will help to reduce wear & tear. Freezer friendly. DO NOT use in microwave. This enamelware is shatterproof, although if dropped the outer porcelain layer can chip. If this happens, the steel below naturally oxidises. Always carefully check the product if it has been dropped or damaged.