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Lambswool Duster 75cm

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  • Wool duster
  • Material: lambswool, beech
  • Dimensions: L46cm
  • Fluffy lambswool duster
  • Natural oils attract and gather dust rather than pushing it around
  • FSC certified beech handle
  • Handy hanging hook
  • To clean fill sink with warm water & 2tbsp of dish soap
  • Dip the duster repeatedly to remove dust & dirt
  • Rinse and wring gently with hands
  • Work 1tbsp of glycerine into the wool to replenish oil
  • Air dry then spin with hands to restore shape

Clean with a touch of dramatic flair with this lambswool feather duster from Eddingtons Valet. Topped with a fluffy tuft of lambswool, this material contains natural oils which attracts and gathers dust rather than pushing it around like synthetic fabrics. Finished with an FSC certified handle, it will add some traditional design to your cleaning arsenal.

To clean, fill a sink with warm water and dish soap and dip the duster repeatedly to break up and remove dust and dirt. Rinse well and wring gently. To replenish the natural dust trapping oils after washing, work 1tbsp of glycerine into the fibres. Leave to air dry then spin the duster in your hands to restore the original shape and fullness. To remove heavy dirt build up use a few caps of laundry detergent with warm water instead of dish soap, leave it to soak for five minutes then follow the other steps as above.