Lila Jasmine - Lactation Bars - Apple Crumble


Meet NZ's only Milk Support Lactation Bar.

Delicious as is or warmed served with custard or ice-cream, Lila Jasmine's Apple Crumble Milk Support Lactation Bars are lovingly made to taste like they come straight from grandma’s kitchen giving you the nostalgic memory of home baking. Packed with delicious powerhouse ingredients you know, specially chosen for their naturally occurring galactagogues – just one bar can boost your breast milk supply. Unlike lactation cookies our bars are Individually wrapped for eating on-the-go, safe for anyone to munch – including hungry kids or partners!

Each bar is individually wrapped and beautifully boxed
Included is 6 Apple Crumble flavoured bars, each with a new weight of 50g
Also available in Apricot + Chocolate, Berry + White Chocolate and a Mix of Six
Best Before May 2023