Mammas Milk Bar - Hand + Foot Inkless Print Keepsake


Have you ever wanted to pause time and wish your wee babe wouldn't grow up too fast?

They say the nights are long, but the years are short...

We can't help your wee babe from growing up too fast, but we can help you keep those moments a little longer....

Our inkless keepsake is made for you to make easy, mess-free prints of your wee babes hands and feet, a memory keepsake to remind you of your wee babes little happy feet and tiny tender hands.

Made with non-toxic print oil, each pack comes with:

1 x Inkless Pad (Good to make two individual hand or foot prints)

2 x White Card Stock (However feel free to use your own card for your own creative ideas)

These prints are made to stay. And a perfect gift for any mamma (or grandparents!) to remind that once your wee babe was this small, those little hands and feet you use to hold.


Made with Non Toxic Print Oil

Inkless, no stains, no contact Printmaking.

Good for Two individual Prints, non fade.

SMALL PAD: Suits 0 - 6 Month Old babes
Inkless Pad Area: 10.8mm - 15.3mm
White Card Stock: 15.5cm x 11cm