Noody - Lotion Potion Soothing Moisturiser


Like a hug for sensitive skin – this lotion is loaded with oatmeal, calendula and aloe. Nature's own ingredients, kindly made for sensitive skin.
Our kind ingredients are gentle enough for even the most delicate skin. We've got you covered with this all-natural formula featuring oatmeal, calendula and aloe - perfect to soothe, hydrate and protect! Calm your little one's sensitive skin with Calming Lotion as their daily hydrator. They'll be saying goodbye to future flare-ups while also locking in moisture for long lasting softness. Even better: enjoy a touch of lavender scent to help both parents' and kids' frazzled feelings just before bedtime!

Key Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil • Oat Kernel • Shea Butter • Coconut Oil • Calendula • Chamomile • Aloe Vera • Prebiotics • Lavender • Red Seaweed • Black Fern • Kawakawa • Mānuka Honey

How to Use:
Pamper your little one with a soothing massage after their bath - or anytime they need some extra TLC. Suitable for all ages. Bums, limbs, tum-tums and toes.