Pure Mama - Magnesium Body Rub


Giving mama a moment of relief and relaxation during pregnancy.

Are you starting to feel the physical impacts of pregnancy on your body? Our Magnesium Body Rub has been expertly formulated using both Magnesium & SyriCalm‚ĄĘ (a natural skin anti-inflammatory) to help ease discomfort, promote muscle relaxation, and encourage skin suppleness during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Designed for pregnancy self-massage to help alleviate common discomforts experienced in the later stages of pregnancy such as cramping, carpel tunnel and muscle tension.¬†

+ ¬† ¬† Magnesium and SyriCalm‚ĄĘ blend¬†
+     Eases discomfort throughout the second and third trimester
+     Supports relief and relaxation
+     Promotes restful sleep 
+     Soothes and hydrates skin  
+     Gentle on skin

This creamy blend features a subtle, 100% natural fragrance of peppermint. Free from phthalates. 

Please seek professional guidance for safe deep tissue massage.

120ml per jar. 

Gently massage a small amount onto your neck, shoulders, back, ankles, or desired body area where discomfort occurs, until absorbed into the skin. Repeat as necessary. Recommended for use from second trimester only and safe for use postpartum. For external use only. Please seek professional guidance for deep tissue massage during pregnancy. Patch test before first use. If any irritation occurs, rinse with warm soapy water.